peripherie-peripherie is an experimental thematic chapbook project produced byĀ Peripheral Review, to be released casually beginning in 2023.

Each issue will be guest edited by a different Canadian artist, curator or writer and will include an exhibition review, an interview, an experimental feature piece and a featured artistā€”all encompassed within a unique thematic concept.

Each issue will be available only for purchase and includes access to an interactive digital version of the issue on our website, as well as a full-colour broadsheet that readers will receive in the mail.

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Peripherie-Peripherie #1

Edited by Lauren Lavery


peripherie-peripherie Issue #1:Ā Extra-Sensory Perception considers the sensitivity of extra-sensory perception in how it transcends our known reality to peer into new and alternative worlds. The artists and writers in this issue engage the theme through experimental sound, questioning their roles as artists who capture images, examining the effect of a queer identities, and by studying the sublime from a reflection.

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Azka AhmedChristina HajjarAndrew Yong Hoon LeeĀ Fatine-Violette SabiriKiel Torres

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